Frank Kuhn
Theatre & Opera

"Frank Kuhn is one of the few directors whom I absolutely trust with my plays . . . or
with anyone else's plays, for that matter. And that includes musicals, opera, or
anything people have a mind to do on a stage."
- Nagle Jackson
Playwright & Former Artistic Director, McCarter Theatre
"What I most enjoy about working with Frank is his attention to detail. Rather than
painting with broad strokes, his dramaturgy is both specific and richly layered,
and he achieves results in a process that is collegial."
- Timm Rolek
Artistic Director & Music Director, Sacramento Opera
"Frank Kuhn is a real pro, a guy I'd hire again any time I had the chance. He does
imaginative shows that audiences love, and his range is from gritty realism to grand
opera, and from small professional theatres up to the big ones like the McCarter. He's
run theatres and understands staffs and budgets, he works lovingly with actors, he
manages time well, he is a joyous presence in meetings and rehearsals, and he's a
great guy to have a coffee or beer with."
- Tom Markus
Former Artistic Director, Virginia Museum Theatre & Temple University
"As the Artistic Director of Temple Theatre, I worked with many skilled and talented
directors. Frank Kuhn's production of
The Lonesome West was, in a word,
"brilliant"--critics' words, not mine, but I couldn't agree more.
During my tenure at
Temple Theatre Mr. Kuhn was the best director that I had the privilege to work with."
- David Matthews
Former Artistic Director, Temple Theatre, North Carolina
"Frank Kuhn put together the most moving production of Madama Butterfly I have
ever seen.
The acting was superb, and the overall look of the production was highly
professional, thanks to Mr. Kuhn's keen eye.
He created a riveting production of
Harriet, The Woman Called Moses
. Set in the actual Quaker Meeting that served as
a stop on the Underground Railway, the production was first class thanks to Mr.
Kuhn's expert direction."
- Lee Kimball III
Artistic Director, Opera Delaware
"Serious though never solemn, Frank brings a point of view to his direction that is
refreshing and provocative. He moves easily from the subtlest drama to the broadest
comedy without ever losing touch with the humanity that is at the core of his work. I
have worked with a great many directors both in the theatre and in film, here in this
country and abroad. I rank Frank at the top of
that group, not only for his outstanding
conceptual mind but also for his understanding of what drives us as human beings."
- Daniel Gurskis
"Frank Kuhn is one of the best directors I've collaborated with. Frank was exquisitely
sensitive to the musical elements of
Sweeney Todd at Creede Repertory Theater in
2006, and I always respect a director who allows the musical content to weigh in on
dramatic decisions.
Sweeney Todd was a tight show in every way, and I'm proud to
have been a part of it, all thanks to Frank!"
- Michelle Alexander
Musical Director, Opera Coach
"One fascinating aspect of seeing a play you've written travel from page to stage is
each production has the possibility of its own journey, and whether you ride the
midnight train or on a magic carpet, the trip begins with the director.
Well, Mr. Frank
Kuhn doesn't need a road map to the special places of the heart, he seems to use
a magic wand!"
- Laddy Sartin
Catfish Moon
"Frank is one of the strongest directors I've ever worked with when it comes to new
play development. He has a keen understanding of what makes a play work, and
communicates his ideas clearly. He's able to elucidate my wildest constructions."
-Jeff Carey
I know I can count on Frank to coax, challenge, cajole and compel our company to
achieve artistic heights and new terrain which we had previously thought beyond our
reach. Frank inspires me by his example to work harder, to care more, and to get
better. He's a director we need at the Creede Repertory Theatre.
- Maurice LaMee
Artistic Director Creede Repertory Theatre
Others say . . .
"I will ever be grateful to Frank Kuhn for his thoughtful and exciting work on
The Drunkard
at Metropolitan Playhouse. Eschewing the obvious
opportunities to mock the sentimental script -- the solution chosen by many
revivers in our age -- Frank's work brought forth what is truly valuable in the
work and showed it for its authentic virtues and its current worth. In addition,
he matched his vision for the play to our aesthetic and means. It is a
valuable partner who can bring his own unique gifts to a project and make
his host look good, and so did Frank at Metropolitan."
- Alex Roe
Artistic Director, Metropolitan Playhouse